Roger Moore

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Roger Moore
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Roger Moore no 2012
Nome completo Roger George Moore
Nacemento 14 de outubro de 1927
Stockwell, Londres, Reino Unido Reino Unido
Falecemento 23 de maio de 2017 (89 anos)
Suíza Suíza
Cónxuxe(s) Doorn van Steyn(1946–53)
Dorothy Squires (1953–68)
Luisa Mattioli (1969–96)
Kristina Tholstrup (2002–presente)
Profesión Actor

Sir Roger George Moore, nado en Stockwell, Londres, o 14 de outubro de 1927, e finado en Suíza o 23 de maio de 2017, foi un actor inglés. É coñecido por ser un dos actores que encarnou o personaxe de James Bond.

Filmografía[editar | editar a fonte]

Ano Título Papel
1945 Perfect Strangers Soldier
Caesar and Cleopatra Soldado romano
1946 Gaiety George Membro da audiencia
Piccadilly Incident Convidado sentado á mesa de Pearson
1949 Trottie True Johnny
1951 One Wild Oat Bit Part
1953 Robert Montgomery Presents Diplomático francés
1954 The Last Time I Saw Paris Paul
1955 Interrupted Melody Cyril Lawrence
The King's Thief Jack
1956 Diane Príncipe Henrique (despois Rei Henrique II)
Ford Star Jubilee Billy Mitchell
Goodyear Television Playhouse Patrick Simmons
1957 Matinee Theater Home escocés/Randolph Churchill
1958 Ivanhoe Ivanhoe
1959 The Third Man Jimmy Simms
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Inspector Benson
The Miracle Capitán Michael Stuart
The Alaskans Silky Harris
Maverick Beau Maverick
1961 The Sins of Rachel Cade Paul Wilton
Gold of the Seven Saints Shaun Garrett
The Roaring 20s 14 Karat John
1962 Il ratto delle sabine Romulus
No Man's Land Enzo Prati
1962 The Saint Simon Templar
1968 The Fiction Makers
Vendetta for the Saint
1969 Crossplot Gary Fenn
1970 The Man Who Haunted Himself Harold Pelham
1971 The Persuaders! Lord Brett Sinclair
1973 Live and Let Die James Bond
1974 Gold Rod Slater
The Man with the Golden Gun James Bond
1975 Ese toque de sorte Michael Scott
1976 Street People Ulysses
Shout at the Devil Sebastian Oldsmith
1977 Sherlock Holmes in New York Sherlock Holmes
The Spy Who Loved Me James Bond
1978 The Wild Geese Tenente Shaun Fynn
1979 Escape to Athena Maior Otto Hecht
Moonraker James Bond
1980 North Sea Hijack Rufus Excalibur ffolkes
The Sea Wolves Captain Gavin Stewart
Sunday Lovers Harry Lindon
1981 The Cannonball Run Seymour Goldfarb as Roger Moore
For Your Eyes Only James Bond
1983 Octopussy
Curse of the Pink Panther Inspector xefe Jacques Clouseau
1984 The Naked Face Dr. Judd Stevens
1985 A View to a Kill James Bond
1990 Fire, Ice and Dynamite Sir George Windsor
Bullseye! Sir John Bevistock
1992 Bed & Breakfast Adam
1995 The Man Who Wouldn't Die Thomas Grace
1996 The Quest Lord Edgar Dobbs
1997 The Saint Voz na radio do coche
Spice World The Chief
1999 The Dream Team Desmond Heath
2000 The Secret KGB UFO Abduction Files El mesmo
2001 The Enemy Supt. Robert Ogilvie
2002 Alias Edward Poole
Boat Trip Lloyd Faversham
2004 The Fly Who Loved Me Father Christmas
2010 Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Tab Lazenby
2011 A Princess for Christmas Edward, Duque de Castlebury

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