Forest Whitaker

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Forest Whitaker
Nome completoForest Steven Whitaker
Nacemento15 de xullo de 1961
NacionalidadeEstados Unidos de América
Educado enCalifornia State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Universidade do Sur de California, Drama Studio London, Universidade de Nova York, USC School of Dramatic Arts e Palisades Charter High School
Cónxuxe(s)Keisha Nash
FillosTrue Whitaker, Sonnet Noel Whitaker, otom whitaker e Osian Whitaker
Profesiónactor, produtor de cinema, actor de cinema, director de televisión, director de cinema, actor de televisión, karateka, actor de dobraxe e participante do fórum internacional
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Forest Steven Whitaker, nado o 15 de xullo de 1961 en Longview, Texas, é un actor, produtor e director estadounidense.

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Ano Título Papel Notas
1982 Tag: The Assassination Game Gardacostas de Gowdy
1982 Fast Times at Ridgemont High Charles Jefferson
1985 Vision Quest Balldozer
1985 North and South Cuffey
1986 The Color of Money Amos
1986 North and South Cuffey
1986 Platoon Big Harold
1987 Stakeout Jack Pismo
1987 Good Morning, Vietnam Edward Garlick
1988 Bird Charlie 'Bird' Parker
1988 Bloodsport Rawlins
1989 Johnny Handsome Doutor Steven Fisher
1990 Downtown Dennis Curren
1991 Diary of a Hitman Dekker
1991 A Rage in Harlem Jackson
1992 Article 99 Dr. Sid Handleman
1992 The Crying Game Jody
1992 Consenting Adults David Duttonville
1993 Bank Robber Oficial Battle
1993 Body Snatchers Maior Collins
1994 Blown Away Anthony Franklin
1994 Prêt-à-Porter Cy Bianco
1994 Jason's Lyric Maddog
1995 Species. Especies asasinas Dan Smithson
1995 Smoke Cyrus Cole
1996 Phenomenon Nate Pope
1998 Body Count Crane
1999 Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai Ghost Dog
1999 Light It Up Oficial Dante Jackson
1999 Witness Protection US Marshal Steven Beck
2000 Battlefield Earth Ker
2000 Four Dogs Playing Poker Mr. Ellington
2001 The Fourth Angel Axente Jules Bernard
2001 The Follow O empregador
2001 Green Dragon Addie
2002 Panic Room Burnham
2002 Phone Booth Capitán Ed Ramey
2004 First Daughter Narrador Tamén director
2005 A Little Trip to Heaven Abe Holt
2005 American Gun Carter
2005 Mary Ted Younger
2006 Even Money Clyde Snow
2006 The Marsh Geoffrey Hunt
2006 Everyone's Hero Lonnie Brewster Voz
2006 The Last King of Scotland Idi Amin
2007 The Air I Breathe Happiness
2007 Ripple Effect Philip
2007 The Great Debaters James L. Farmer, Sr.
2008 Vantage Point Howard Lewis
2008 Street Kings Capt. Jack Wander
2008 Dragon Hunters Lian Chu Voz
2009 Powder Blue Charlie
2009 Winged Creatures Charlie Archenault
2009 Onde viven os monstros Ira Voz
2009 Lullaby for Pi George
2009 Hurricane Season Al Collins
2010 Repo Men Jake Freivald
2010 My Own Love Song Joey
2010 The Experiment Barris
2010 Our Family Wedding Bradford Boyd
2011 Catch .44 Ronny
2012 Freelancers
2013 O último desafío Axente John Bannister
Ano Título
1993 Strapped
1995 Waiting to Exhale
1998 Hope Floats
2004 First Daughter

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