Michael Angarano

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Michael Angarano
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Nome completo Michael Anthony Angarano
Nacemento 3 de decembro de 1987 (29 anos)
Lugar Brooklyn, Nova York, Estados Unidos de América Estados Unidos
Nacionalidade Estados Unidos de América
Profesión Actor

Michael Anthony Angarano, nado o 3 de decembro de 1987 en Brooklyn, Nova York, é un actor estadounidense.

Filmografía[editar | editar a fonte]

Ano Título Papel Notas
1997 For Richer or Poorer Sammy Yoder
1999 Music of the Heart Nick at 7
Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure Nick
2000 Almost Famous Young William
The Brainiacs.com Matt Tyler
2001–2006 Will & Grace Elliot 11 episodios
2002 Little Secrets Philip
2002 The New Kid Austin
2003 Seabiscuit Xove Red Pollard
Maniac Magee Jeffrey Lionel Magee telefilme
2004 The Dust Factory Rocky Mazzelli
Summerland Jeb Ekhart 2 episodios
Speak David Petrakis
2005 Dear Wendy Freddie
Sky High Will Stronghold Protagonista
Lords of Dogtown Sid
2006 One Last Thing... Dylan
Less than Perfect George Denton 2 episodes
2007 The Final Season Mitch Akers
Man in the Chair Cameron
Snow Angels Arthur Filme independente
24 Scott Wallace 4 episodios
Black Irish Cole
The Bondage Charlie
2008 The Forbidden Kingdom Jason Tripitikas Protagonista
2009 Gentlemen Broncos Benjamin Purvis
2011 The Art of Getting By Dustin
Red State Travis
Noah's Ark: The New Beginning Townsman Animación
Ceremony Sam Davis
Haywire Scott
2012 The Brass Teapot
Rugrats Curtametraxe
2013 Empire State
The English Teacher

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