James Mason

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James Mason
James Mason - still.JPG
Mason en 1964
Nome completoJames Neville Mason
Nacemento15 de maio de 1909
LugarHuddersfield, Yorkshire
Falecemento27 de xullo de 1984
LugarLausana, Suíza
Causainfarto agudo de miocardio
NacionalidadeReino Unido Reino Unido
Educado enUniversidade de Cambridge, Peterhouse e Marlborough College
Cónxuxe(s)Pamela Mason (1941–1964)
Clarissa Kaye (1971–1984)
FillosPortland Mason e Morgan Mason
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James Neville Mason, nado en Huddersfield (Inglaterra) o 15 de maio de 1909 e finado en Lausana (Suíza) o 27 de xullo de 1984 foi un actor inglés.

Traxectoria[editar | editar a fonte]

Comezou na interpretación na universidade, uníndose ao Old Vic Theatre en Londres. Entre 1935 e 1938 protagonizou múltiples filmes británicos. Durante a segunda guerra mundial foi obxector de conciencia,[1] o que fixo que a súa familia rompese con el durante moitos anos.

Comezou a ser popular pola súa aparición na serie de melodramas de Gainsborough Pictures a mediados da década de 1940, sendo votado polos exhibidores como a estrela máis popular do país entre 1944 e 1947.

En 1963 estableceuse en Suíza.

Filmografía[editar | editar a fonte]

Ano Filme
1935 Late Extra
1936 Troubled Waters
Secret of Stamboul
Prison Breaker
Blind Man's Bluff
1937 The Mill on the Floss
Catch as Catch Can
Fire Over England
Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel
1938 Alto comando
1939 I Met a Murderer
1941 This Man Is Dangerous
1942 Hatter's Castle
The Night Has Eyes
Secret Mission
Thunder Rock
1943 The Bells Go Down
The Man in Grey
They Met in the Dark
1944 Hotel Reserve
Fanny by Gaslight
Candlelight in Algeria
1945 A Place of One's Own
They Were Sisters
The Wicked Lady
The Seventh Veil
1947 Odd Man Out
The Upturned Glass
1949 Atrapados
Madame Bovary
The Reckless Moment
East Side, West Side
1950 One Way Street
1951 Pandora and the Flying Dutchman
The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel
1952 Lady Possessed
5 Fingers
The Prisoner of Zenda
Face to Face
1953 Charade
The Story of Three Loves
Botany Bay
The Desert Rats
Julius Caesar
The Man Between
1954 Prince Valiant
A Star Is Born
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
1956 Forever, Darling
Bigger Than Life
1957 Island in the Sun
1958 Cry Terror!
The Decks Ran Red
1959 A Touch of Larceny
North by Northwest
Journey to the Center of the Earth
1960 The Trials of Oscar Wilde
1961 The Marriage-Go-Round
1962 Escape from Zahrain
Hero's Island
Tiara Tahiti
1963 Torpedo Bay
1964 A caída do Imperio Romano
The Pumpkin Eater
1965 Lord Jim
Genghis Khan
The Uninhibited
1966 The Blue Max
Georgy Girl
The Deadly Affair
Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn
1967 Stranger in the House
1968 Duffy
The Sea Gull
1969 Age of Consent
1970 The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go
Spring and Port Wine
Cold Sweat
1971 Bad Man's River
Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!
1972 Child's Play
1973 Frankenstein: The True Story
The Last of Sheila
The Mackintosh Man
1974 The Marseille Contract
11 Harrowhouse
1975 The Left Hand of the Law
The Flower in His Mouth
Kidnap Syndicate
Autobiography of a Princess
Inside Out
1976 Hot Stuff
Voyage of the Damned
1977 Jesus of Nazareth
Cross of Iron
1978 The Water Babies
Heaven Can Wait
The Boys from Brazil
1979 Murder by Decree
The Passage
1981 A Dangerous Summer
Evil Under the Sun
The Verdict
1983 Alexandre
Don't Eat the Pictures
1985 The Assisi Underground
Doctor Fischer of Geneva
The Shooting Party

Notas[editar | editar a fonte]

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