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I have renamed the article from Dinar macedonio into Denar macedonio, since the currency is called denar, while dinar is something else.--MacedonianBoy 15:31, 12 xaneiro 2010 (UTC)

Dinar is the Serbian and Arab currencies and former Yugoslav as well, that's why you have it in dictionary. Please remove to denar.--MacedonianBoy 15:50, 12 xaneiro 2010 (UTC)
Additionally, the name of Macedonian currency comes from the Roman currency, while dinar is from Arab word. Completely different. --MacedonianBoy 15:52, 12 xaneiro 2010 (UTC)
    • The galician dictionaries, all of them, indicate dinar as the right word. We cannot go furhter than them. If it is wrong, then let them know first and once the primary source is changed we will modify the info in here. I guess you understand. --Atobar (conversa comigo) 16:30, 12 xaneiro 2010 (UTC)
I gave you one string reference. If you want I will provide a lot. --MacedonianBoy 17:00, 12 xaneiro 2010 (UTC)
  • It doesn't matter wether you give one or a thousand references, MacedonianBoy. In galician, the word, officially, in this year 2010 is dinar[1]. As I said before, you or whomever feels like doing it, should contact the Galician Royal Academy and other relevant institutions and let them know their mistake, if it is so. Once they accept to change the official term, Galipedia will also act in that direction. What this project cannot do is overpassing the officiality. --Atobar (conversa comigo) 17:09, 12 xaneiro 2010 (UTC)
However, if somebody is able to find a Galician reference for the real name, that would make a difference. As far as I understand it, we play with: Dinar macedonio, denar macedonio and even denario macedonio. --Atobar (conversa comigo) 17:16, 12 xaneiro 2010 (UTC)
Well I do not know in details how the Galician language functions, but I am telling that these two currencies are different. Let me give you an example. We have the American dollar and we have the Slovenian tolar. The difference in these two are in one letter T and D, but they are not same currencies. I cannot find Galician references, but I am just telling that cuurency with the name dinar macedonio does not exist (it is not named according to the Yugoslavian, Serbian or Arab dinars) but exist denar macedonio (named according to the ancient denarius). I see your point and I do not know what to do, sine I obviously do not have an access to the official institutions in Galicia if you work according to the officials. This is my point. BTW, we should still wait for the article Republic of Macedonia?--MacedonianBoy 17:24, 12 xaneiro 2010 (UTC)
  • I understand perfectly your point; Indeed, I agree, since I know the difference between the latin denarium and the arabic dinar. However dinar, with an I, is the only word that figures in the dictionaries I checked. We only work with officiality, which is I think the best way to do it, so let's find a Galician reference and let's act from that point, not before. About Republic of Macedonia, that's another discussion, in another page. Anyway, be patient, things take time (even more in a small wikipedia) and this question of the Dinar and the name of the country is -right now. far from being a first priority. --Atobar (conversa comigo) 17:51, 12 xaneiro 2010 (UTC)
OK, I understand, I am not pushing you for this article name since your way of work is a bit different from ours concerning the naming. Not that I feel this as priority, but I can help here only with my basic knowledge of Galician and this is it, minor changes. Our goal on MK Wiki is to reach 40.000 articles, 2.000 we miss and I suppose you goal is the same - quality and quantity. Cheers.--MacedonianBoy 17:59, 12 xaneiro 2010 (UTC)

Comparto a idea de cambiar o artigo a Denar. É a palabra que indica: Dosil López, Benxamín; Riveiro Costa, Xesús (2004). Galinova Editorial, ed. Dicionario de ortografía da lingua galega. ISBN 84-9737-040-6.  A Academia define dinar como "Unidade monetaria de Bosnia eHercegovina, Serbia, Alxeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Kuwait, Libia, Xordania, Iemen, Bahrayn e O Sudán"[2], sen incluír Macedonia.--Jglamela (conversa) 28 de febreiro de 2014 ás 22:34 (UTC)[Responder]

Concordo, a diferenza pódese ver entre o dinar da antiga Iugoslavia, que en macedonio é динар (dinar) é o dinar macedonio, que en macedonio é денар (denar), eles elixiron denominar á súa moeda denar e ese é o nome, como se mañá Rusia decide denominar a súa moeda Рaбль en lugar de рубль, habería que lle mudar o nome. E como se di enriba os dicionarios galegos fan referencia ao dinar de Bosnia, que era динар tamén e os dinares dos países árabes que se transcribe tamén dinar.--Sernostri (conversa) 28 de febreiro de 2014 ás 22:54 (UTC)[Responder]
Puxen xa no artigo denar, pero non movín o artigo, se un país decide chamar á súa moeda denar, aínda que sexa por diferencialismo, ese é o nome e non aceptalo vai, creo eu, contra a política de neutralidade.--Sernostri (conversa) 28 de febreiro de 2014 ás 23:04 (UTC)[Responder]