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1. The Mussolini-Hitler notorious salute originated from the USA’s early Pledge of Allegiance and a shocking photograph is here. The original Pledge began with a military salute that then stretched out toward the flag and a photograph is here. In actual use, the second part of the gesture was performed with a straight arm and palm down by disinterested children perfunctorily performing the forced ritual chanting by extending the initial military salute, as shown by Professor Rex Curry. Due to the way that both gestures were used sequentially in the pledge, the military salute led to the hard, stylized salute of Mussolini-Hitler. It was an extended military salute via the USA’s Pledge.

2. At the time that Mussolini-Hitler found their salute they were both self-proclaimed socialists and leaders in their movements. It was not an ancient Roman salute, and the "ancient Roman salute" is a myth. The myth grew from the use of the USA’s pledge salute in early movies showing fictional Roman scenes.

3. The swastika, although it was an ancient symbol, was used sometimes by the National Socialist German Workers Party to represent overlapping “S” letters for their “socialism,” as shown in Swastika Secrets by Dr. Rex Curry. The same symbolism is shown in Hitler’s own bizarre signature, which Hitler alter to use the same stylized "S" letter for "socialist," and similar alphabetic symbolism still shows on Volkswagens.

4. The Mussolini-Hitler salute in the USA pre-dated Mussolini-Hitler by decades and was created by Francis Bellamy (author of the "Pledge of Allegiance"). Francis Bellamy and Edward Bellamy (author of the novel "Looking Backward") and Charles Bellamy (author of "A Moment of Madness") and Frederick Bellamy (who introduced Edward to socialistic "Fourierism") were socialists. Edward, Charles and Frederick were brothers, and Francis was their cousin. Francis and Edward were both self-proclaimed National Socialists and they supported the "Nationalism" movement in the USA, the "Nationalist" magazine, and the "Nationalist Educational Association." They wanted all of society to ape the military and they touted "military socialism" and the "industrial army." Edward’s book was an international bestseller, translated into every major language (including Italian & German) and he inspired the "Nationalist Party" (in the USA) and their dogma influenced socialists worldwide (including Italy & Germany) via “Nationalist Clubs.”

The government in the USA and the government schools hide those facts from people in the USA and from people in other countries.

The U.S. still follows the similar anti libertarian policies that influenced Mussolini-Hitler. Many Bellamy socialist policies were followed in the USA and still are followed in the USA and caused the USA’s big, expensive and oppressive government. The government still owns and operates schools, including the same schools that imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official government policy. The U.S. practice of imposing segregation by law in government schools and teaching racism as official policy even outlasted the Mussolini-Hitler by over 15 years. After segregation in government's schools ended, the Bellamy legacy caused more police-state racism of forced busing that destroyed communities and neighborhoods and deepened hostilities. Those schools still exist. Infants are given social security numbers that track and tax them for life. Those schools demand the numbers to enroll. The Pledge still exists along with laws mandating that teachers lead the robotic pledge chanting every day for twelve years of each child’s life.