William Daniels

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William Daniels
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Daniels o 20 de setembro de 1987
Nome completoWilliam David Daniels
Nacemento31 de marzo de 1927 (94 anos)
LugarBrooklyn, Nova York, Estados Unidos de América Estados Unidos
NacionalidadeEstados Unidos de América
Educado enUniversidade Northwestern e Northwestern University School of Communication
Cónxuxe(s)Bonnie Bartlett (1951-presente)
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William Daniels, nado o 31 de marzo de 1927 en Brooklyn, Nova York, é un actor e antigo presidente da Screen Actors Guild (1999 a 2001). É coñecido por interpretar o pai de Dustin Hoffman en O graduado (1967), a Howard en Dous na estrada, a John Adams no filme 1776 e a Carter Nash en Captain Nice.

Filmografía[editar | editar a fonte]

Cine[editar | editar a fonte]

Ano Título Papel Notas
1952 A Woman for the Ages John Quincy Adams Telefilme
1963 Ladybug Ladybug Mr. Calkins
1965 A Thousand Clowns Albert Amundson
1967 Dous na estrada Howard Manchester
1967 O graduado Mr. Braddock
1967 The President's Analyst Wynn Quantrill
1969 Marlowe Mr. Crowell
1972 1776 John Adams
1973 Murdock's Gang Roger Bates Telefilme
1973 The Fabulous Doctor Fable Elliot Borden Telefilme
1974 A Case of Rape Leonard Alexander Telefilme
1974 The Parallax View Austin Tucker
1975 Sarah T. - Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic Matt Hodges Telefilme
1975 One of Our Own Dr. Moresby Telefilme
1976 Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident Bissell Telefilme
1976 That Was the Year That Was - 1976 Sketch Actor Telefilme
1977 Black Sunday Pugh
1977 Oh, God! George Summers
1977 Killer on Board Marshall Snowden Telefilme
1978 The One and Only Mr. Crawford
1978 The Bastard Samuel Adams Telefilme
1978 Big Bob Johnson and His Fantastic Speed Circus Lawrence Stepwell III Telefilme
1978 Sergeant Matlovich vs. the U.S. Air Force Father Veller Telefilme
1979 The Chinese Typewriter Devlin Telefilme
1979 The Rebels John Adams Telefilme
1979 Sunburn Crawford
1980 City in Fear Freeman Stirbling Telefilme
1980 The Blue Lagoon Arthur Lestrange
1980 Father Damien: The Leper Priest Bispo Koeckemann Telefilme
1981 All Night Long Richard H. Copleston
1981 The Million Dollar Face Henry Burns Telefilme
1981 Reds Julius Gerber
1982 Rehearsal for Murder Walter Lamb Telefilme
1982 Rooster Dr. DeVega Telefilme
1982 Drop-Out Father Draper Wright Telefilme
1987 Cita a cegas Xuíz Harold Bedford
1987 The Little Match Girl Haywood Dutton Telefilme
1989 Her Alibi Sam
1989 Howard Beach: Making a Case for Murder Slaney Telefilme
1990 On Thin Ice: The Tai Babilonia Story John Nicks
1991 Knight Rider 2000 KITT Voz
1992 Back to the Streets of San Francisco Judge Julius Burns Telefilme
1994 Magic Kid 2 Manny
1996 The Lottery Reverendo Hutchinson Telefilme
2006 The Benchwarmers KITT Voz
2007 Blades of Glory Commissioner Ebbers

Televisión[editar | editar a fonte]

Ano Título Papel Notas
1956 Robert Montgomery Presents Donald Kemper Episodio: "Three Men From Tomorrow"
Armstrong Circle Theatre Leonard Gregory Episodio: "Five Who Shook the Mighty"
Episodio: "Separate Parents"
Episodio: "The Spy Next Door"
1959 Brenner Larry Dyer Episodio: "Man in the Middle"
Naked City Herbert Grafton
Harry Culverin
Episodio: "A Kettle of Precious Fish"
Episodio: "Idyllis of a Running Back"
The Defenders Malloy
Mike Herman
Episodio: "The Locked Room"
Episodio: "A Voice Loud and Clear"
1963 East Side/West Side Director Costigan Episodio: "I Before E Except After C"
The Doctors and the Nurses Vernon Kane
Episodio: "Field of Battle"
Episodio: "A Couple of Dozen Tiny Pills"
1965 For the People Fred Rice Episodio: "Any Benevolent Purpose"
1966 T.H.E. Cat Tony Webb Episodio: "The Ring of Anasis"
1967 Captain Nice Carter Nash / Capitán Nice
1968 The Good Guys Arnold Schreck Episodio: "Let 'em Eat Rolls"
1968 The Ghost & Mrs. Muir Blair Thompson Episodio: "Mr. Perfect"
1969 Judd, for the Defense Harry Stratton Episodio: "Epitaph on a Computer Card"
1972 Cannon Dale Corey Episodio: "Hear No Evil"
1973 Love, American Style Alan Segmento: "Love and the Old Lover"
1973 Ironside Stillwald, o director do banco Episodio: "All Honorable Men"
McCloud Clayton Gills
Fred Pearson
Episodio: "Butch Cassidy Rides Again"
Episodio: "The Day New York Turned Blue"
1974 Kolchak: The Night Stalker Tte. da policía Jack Matteo Episodio: "The Vampire"
1975 Insight Mike Madden Episodio: "Hunger Knows My Name"
1975 Barbary Coast Boyle Episodio: "Irish Luck"
1975 The Bob Newhart Show Edgar T. Vickers Jr. Episodio: "Fathers and Sons and Mothers"
1976 The Adams Chronicles John Quincy Adams (entre 50-81)
1976 McMillan & Wife Commander Campbell Episodio: "Point of Law"
1976 The Rockford Files Thomas Caine
Gary Bevins
Episodio: The Italian Bird Fiasco
Episodio: So Help Me God
1976-1977 The Nancy Walker Show Tenente Comandante Kenneth Kitteridge
Quincy, M.E. Paul Reardon
Charlie Trusdale
Dr. Charlie Volmer
Episodio: "A Star is Dead"
Episodio: "Dark Angel"
Episodio: "Last Rights"
1977 The Incredible Hulk Dr. John Bonifant Episodio: "Death in the Family"
1978 Soap Heinrich Himmel Temporada 1, Episodio 16
1978 Family Dr. Taylor Episodio: "Counterpoint"
1978 Grandpa Goes to Washington Gov. Bronx Episodio: "Pilot"
1978 Greatest Heroes of the Bible Chasrubal Episodio: "Joshua and the Battle of Jericho"
1979 Blind Ambition G. Gordon Liddy
1980 The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo Dr. Walter Taylor Episodio: "Who's the Sexiest Girl in the World"
1980 Galactica 1980 Norman Blore Episodios: The Night the Cylons Landed Part 1 & 2
1980-1981 Freebie and the Bean District Attorney Walter W. Cruikshank 4 episodios
1981 Trapper John, M.D. Dr. Slater Episodio: "Second Sight"
1981 Private Benjamin Teddy Episodio: "Bye, Bye Benjamin"
1982 Hart to Hart Simon Richardson Episodio: "Hartless Hobby"
1982-1986 Knight Rider KITT Voz
1982-1987 St. Elsewhere Dr. Mark Craig
1986 Faerie Tale Theatre Narrador Episodio: "The Princess Who Had Never Laughed"
1991 The General Motors Playwright Theatre Detective Tenente Fine Episodio: "Clara"
1993 Nurses Mr. Kaplan Episodio: "Family Outing"
1993-2000 Boy Meets World George Feeny
Touched by an Angel Whit Russell
Episodio: "Birthmarks"
Episodio: "And a Nightingale Song"
The Simpsons KITT Episodio: "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace" (Voz)
Episodio: "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore" (Voz)
2000 Star Trek: Voyager Hospital Ship 4-2, Allocation Alpha Voz. Episodio: "Critical Care"
2002 Scrubs Dr. Douglas Episodio: "My Sacrificial Clam"
2003 Lost at Home Arthur Episodio: "Our Town"
2003 The Lyon's Den Judge Franklin Campbell Episodio: "Blood"
2004 The King of Queens Philip Waldecott Episodio: "Icky Shuffle"
2004 Kim Possible Robot Pilot Voz. Episodio "Ron Millionaire"
2005 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Scythe 2.0 Voz. Episodio: "Runaway Pants/Scythe 2.0"
2006 The Closer Commissioner Andrew Schmidt Episodios: "Serving the King Part 1 & 2"
2008 Boston Legal Judge Milton Brody Episodio: "Smoke Signals"
2012 Paulilu Mixtape Dr. Vanderhoof Episodio: "Ghost Tits"
2012 Grey's Anatomy Dr. Craig Thomas 5 episodios
2014 Girl Meets World George Feeny

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