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FormatoAnimación, Familiar, Fantasía
Creado porFreddy Monnichendam
País de orixeEstados Unidos de América Estados Unidos
Episodios108 (4 tempadas)
Hanna-Barbera Productions
Duración22 minutos (aprox.)
Emisión orixinal
Canle de orixeNBC
Formato de imaxe4:3
Primeira emisión1984
Derradeira emisión1989

Snorks é unha serie estadounidense de debuxos animados protagonizada por personaxes creados polo historietista belga Freddy Monnichendam. Producida por Hanna-Barbera Productions, foi estreada a finais do terceiro trimestre do ano 1984 na canle NBC.

Personaxes[editar | editar a fonte]

  • Allstar
  • Casey
  • Junior
  • Daphney
  • Tooter
  • Dimmy
  • Jojo
  • Occy
  • Corky
  • G. Wetworth
  • Dr. Galeo
  • Willie
  • Bigweed
  • Lil' Seaweed
  • Dr. Strangesnork

Episode[editar | editar a fonte]

Temporada 1[editar | editar a fonte]

  1. Journey To the Source / Vandal Scandal
  2. Hooked on a Felling/ The New Neighbors
  3. Das Boot / Which Snork Snitched
  4. Allstar's All-Star Band / Snorkymania
  5. A Snorking We Will Go/ Now You Seahorse, Now You Don't
  6. Snork Dance / Snork Marks the Spot
  7. Junior's Secret / The Big Scoop
  8. The Blue Coral Necklace / Up, Up and A Wave
  9. Snorkin Surf Party / The Snorkness Monster
  10. A Snork on the Wild Side / Allstar's Double Trouble
  11. Fine Fettered Friends / Time Out for Sissies
  12. Me Jo-Jo, You Daffney / The Old Shell Game
  13. The King of Kelp/ Whale Tales

Temporada 2[editar | editar a fonte]

  1. Snorkitis is Nothing to Sneeze At / The Whole Toot and Nothing But the Toot
  2. Chickens of the Sea / Never Cry Wolf-fish
  3. A Hard Day's Snork / Learn to Love Your Snork
  4. Allstar's Freshwater Adventure / Dr. Strangesnork
  5. It's Just a Matter of Slime / Water Friends For?
  6. Junior's Octopuppy / The Shape of Snorks To Come
  7. Casey and the Doubleheader / The Ugly Yuckfish
  8. Gills Just Want to Have Fun / Guess What's Coming to Dinner
  9. A Sign of the Tides / The Littlest Mermaid
  10. I Squid You Not / The Backwards Snork

Temporada 3[editar | editar a fonte]

  1. All's Whale that Ends Whale / Allstar's Last Hour
  2. A Willie Scary Shalloween / Sea Shore Sideshow
  3. Freeze Save our Town / Snip and Snap
  4. Junior's Empire / The Golden Dolphin
  5. It's Always Darkest Before the Snork / The Sand Witch
  6. The Shady Shadow / Tooter Loves Tadah
  7. Daffney's Ransom / Salmon Chanted Evening
  8. Casey in Sandland / Reefberry Madness
  9. A Farewell of Arms / Mummy Snorkest
  10. Jo-Jo in Control / The Day the Ocean Stood Still
  11. Chills, Drills and Spills / The Longest Shortcut
  12. Taming of the Snork / Willie & Smallstar's Big Adventure
  13. A Snork in a Gilded Cage / The Snorkshire Spooking

Temporada 4[editar | editar a fonte]

  1. Daffney's Not so Great Escape / Willie's Best Fiend
  2. Day of the Juniors / Dr. Strangsnork's Bomb
  3. A Starfish is Born / Ooze Got the Snorks
  4. The Silly Snorkasaurus / Who's Who?
  5. Battle of the Gadgets / Little Lord Occy
  6. Junior's Fuelish Kelp Rush / The Boo Lagoon
  7. How the Snork was Won / In Junior's Image
  8. Robosnork
  9. Summer and Snork
  10. Allstar's Odyssey
  11. In Greed we Trust
  12. Jaws Says the Word
  13. Prehissnorkic
  14. Rhyme and Punishment
  15. The Wizard of Ice
  16. Big City Snorks
  17. Nightmare on Snorkstreet
  18. Robin Snork
  19. Snorkerella
  20. Snork Ahoy
  21. Allstar & Junior in the Seaweed Blues
  22. Willie, Call a Doctor!
  23. The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze
  24. Oh Brother!
  25. The Story Circle
  26. I'll Be Senior
  27. The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth
  28. The First Snork in Space
  29. Wish or Wish Out
  30. Elementary, My Dear Junior!
  31. All That Glitters is Not Goldfish
  32. My Dinner with Allstar