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Gandhi and his wife Kasturbhai, 1902.

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Unknown author


Public domain This work was first published in South Africa and is now in the public domain because its copyright protection has expired by virtue of the Copyright Act No. 98 of 1978, amended 2002. The work meets one of the following criteria:
  • It is an anonymous work or pseudonymous work and 50 years have passed since the date of its publication.
  • It is a broadcast or sound recording and 50 years have passed since the year the programme was published.
  • It is a cinematographic or photographic work and 50 years have passed since the date of its creation.
  • It is an artistic, literary or musical work created under the direction of the state or an international organization and 50 years have passed since the year the work was published.
  • It is another kind of work, and 50 years have passed since the year of death of the author (or last-surviving author).

A South African work that is in the public domain in South Africa according to this rule is in the public domain in the U.S. only if it was in the public domain in South Africa in 1996, e.g. if it was published before 1946 and no copyright was registered in the U.S. (This is the effect of 17 USC 104A with its critical date of January 1, 1996.)

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Public domain
Este arquivo está no dominio público nos Estados Unidos xa que foi publicado antes do 1 de xaneiro de 1923.

Os traballos no dominio público deben ter expirado o seu copyright nos Estados Unidos e no país de orixe para ser subidos a Commons. Se o traballo non é un traballo estadounidense, o ficheiro debe ter unha marca de deritos de autor adicional indicando o estado do copyright do país de orixe.

PD-1923 Public domain in the United States //

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actual30 de agosto de 2012 ás 11:54Miniatura da versión ás 11:54 do 30 de agosto de 2012935 × 610 (80 kB)Fountain PostersLarger version from
6 de xuño de 2005 ás 10:42Miniatura da versión ás 10:42 do 6 de xuño de 2005375 × 245 (29 kB)YannGandhi and his wife Kasturbhai, 1902. {{PD}} The photographer is unknown and the photo is more than 70 years old. According to the Bern Convention and the law of most countries, this photo is in the public domain. Category:Mohandas K. Gandhi

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