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Ficheiro orixinal(ficheiro SVG; resolución de 700 × 600 píxeles; tamaño do ficheiro: 296 bytes)

Français : Drapeau du Niger (7:6)
Беларуская: Флаг Нігера (7:6)
Deutsch: Flagge von Niger (7:6)
English: The flag of Niger (7:6)
Esperanto: Flago de Niĝero (7:6)
Suomi: Nigerin lippu (7:6)
Italiano: Bandiera del Niger (7:6)
Nederlands: De vlag van Niger (breedte-hoogteverhouding 7:6)
Русский: Флаг Нигера (7:6)
Slovenščina: Državna zastava Nigra (7:6)
This file is one of several variants using different aspect ratios. Note that the aspect ratio of the flag of Niger is not normative and even varies between various official sources of the Nigeran governments. Some variations should not be followed here (such as those with overprinting of the Niger country name, as found on the Nigeran parlement website, as this is not a flag but a custom iconography specific to those websites).
This file was manually written with a very simple SVG syntax, with no software-specific attributes, and no complex 2D transformation, for accuracy and speed of rendering. Please learn to write SVG manually for best results and much smaller file sizes.
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Esta imaxe vectorial foi creada con a editor de texto. .
Previous version had been created with Sodipodi-Inkscape (4 133 bytes)  f  now 6.79% of previous size
Orixe The flag of Niger often has the unusual 7:6 proportions, not the classic 2:3 proportion. The three bands have exactly the same size. For exact and complete coverage of the image, it is used as background. The central filled circle is at least 50% of the median band in diameter. 85% is used for better rendering at small sizes. For reference colors, see Flags of the world that define Pantone colors. For Pantone color conversion, please use ONLY the sRGB color profile (at reference gamma = 2.2 on CRT screen, without gamma correction by software or by the graphics display driver, as defined in IEC 61966-2.1, and with slope limit of 1/32, this limit affecting only the indices 1 to 14 in the 8-bit colorimetric component space 0 to 255):

The "burnt orange" color in the top band and circle is Pantone(166), i.e. RGB(224,82,6) = #E05206 on sRGB CRT screen, or CMYK(0,65%,100%,0) for process coated print, BUT NOT light orange #FF7000 which is somewhere between Pantone(130C) and Pantone(151), and is even lighter than X11 orange! See The central white band is plain D65 reference white = RGB(255,255,255) = #FFFFFF.

The green color in the bottom band is Pantone(361), i.e. RGB(13,176,43) = #0DB02B on sRGB CRT screen, or CMYK(76%,0,91%,0) for process coated print, BUT NOT grass green #36A100 which too burnt and more like Pantone(369)! See
Autor Made by: Philippe Verdy User:verdy_p, see also fr:Utilisateur:verdy_p.
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This image is Public Domain by its author.

Public domain Eu, como posuidor dos dereitos de autor desta obra, libéroa para que pertenza ao dominio público. Isto é válido en todo o mundo.
Nalgúns países, isto pode non ser legalmente posible; entón:
Concedo a calquera o dereito de empregar esta obra para o propósito que considere oportuno, sen condicións, agás aquelas que sexan requiridas pola lei.

Esta imaxe representa unha bandeira, un escudo, un selo ou algunha outra insignia oficial. O uso destes símbolos está restrinxido en moitos países. Estas restricións son independentes do estado dos dereitos de autoría.
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