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'''''The Lost Road and Other Writings – Language and Legend before 'The Lord of the Rings'''''' (tamén coñecido como '''''The Lost Road and Other Writings''''') é o quinto volume da serie de libros de 12 volumes de [[Christopher Tolkien]], ''[[The History of Middle-earth]]'', no cal analiza os manuscritos inéditos do seu pai [[J. R. R. Tolkien]].<ref>{{cite book |last=Whittingham |first=Elizabeth A. |title=The Evolution of Tolkien's Mythology: A Study of the History of Middle-earth |url= |year=2017 |publisher=McFarland |isbn=978-1-4766-1174-7}}</ref>
== Contidos ==
''The Lost Road and Other Writings'' contén as seguintes seccións:
# ''The Early History of the Legend''
# ''The Fall of Númenor''
# ''The Lost Road''
# The later ''Annals of Beleriand''.
# The later ''Annals of Valinor''.
# The ''Ainulindalë''
# ''[[Lhammas|The Lhammas]]'' ("Account of Tongues")
# ''Quenta Silmarillion''
# ''[[The Etymologies (Tolkien)|The Etymologies]]''
# Appendix
## The Genealogies
## The List of Names
## The Second ''Silmarillion'' Map
== Notas ==