Diferenzas entre revisións de «Materialismo»

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* {{cita libro |last=Priest |first=Stephen |year=1991 |title=Theories of the Mind |place=Londres |publisher=[[Penguin Books]] |isbn=0-14-013069-1}}
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* Seidner, Stanley S. (10 Junede xuño de 2009). [https://docs.google.com/gview?a=v&q=cache:FrKYAo88ckkJ:www.materdei.ie/media/conferences/a-secular-age-parallel-sessions-timetable.pdf+%22Stan+Seidner%22&hl=en&gl=us "A Trojan Horse: Logotherapeutic Transcendence and its Secular Implications for Theology"]. ''Mater Dei Institute''
* {{cite journal |last=Turner |first=MS |title=Quarks and the cosmos |journal=Science |date=5 de xaneiro de 2007 |volume=315 |issue=5808 |pages=59–61 |pmid=17204637 |doi=10.1126/science.1136276}}
* Vitzthum, Richard C. (1995) ''[https://books.google.com/books/about/Materialism.html?id=odjWAAAAMAAJ Materialism: An Affirmative History and Definition]''. Amherst, New York, Prometheus Books.


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