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*[[Reverse Transcriptase]], an enzyme used by [[RNA]] [[retrovirus]]es like [[HIV]], which is used to create a complementary strand to the preexisting strand of viral [[RNA]] before it can be integrated into the [[DNA]] of the [[host (biology)|host]] [[cell (biology)|cell]]. It is also a major target for antiviral drugs.
== Véxase taménNotas ==
*[[DNA polymerase]]
**[[DNA polymerase I]]
**[[DNA polymerase II]]
**[[DNA polymerase III holoenzyme]]
**[[DNA polymerase IV]] (DinB) – [[SOS response|SOS]] repair polymerase
== Véxase tamén ==
*[[RNA polymerase]]
=== Outros artigos ===
**[[RNA polymerase I]]
**[[RNAADN polymerase IIpolimerase]]
**[[RNAADN polymerasepolimerase IIII]]
**[[T7ADN RNApolimerase polymeraseII]]
**[[ADN polimerase III holoencima]]
**[[ADN polimerase IV]] (DinB) – polimerase de reparación [[resposta SOS|SOS]]
*[[ARN polimerase]]
**[[DNAARN polymerasepolimerase I]]
**[[DNAARN polymerasepolimerase II]]
**[[ARN polimerase III]]
**[[ARN polimerase T7]]


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